The art , the nature and the geometry, are a source of continous inspirition, for the creations of LIBERTY DESIGN, with a look to the new millenium, but without, never loosing, a sight to the past; that generally comes reinterpreted, in a contemporary key.

From here, borns JOY COLLECTION, where the real news, are all in her essential nature. Also in her minimalism, together with geometric games. Games based also on the dualty : of the letters as of their colors. A look apart they deserve, the other jewels. Just intentionally sketches, to leave open the possibility, to personalize them as you want. Clocks, pendents,earrings, that are primarily, inspired to a natural world, with a lot of colours.

Finally various models of purses for women. There are for every occasion: from the travel purse, with handles and shoulder belt; to the smart bicolor backpack. Then the shopper reinvented and many other more... All of them can be realized, in different colours and materials.